Free 2 Wee!


Tell us about yourself and your project?

We are an Adelaide based queer/feminist collective focussed on creating and supporting community initiatives related to visibility and diversity. Our project “Free2Wee” increases awareness of and access to gender-inclusive bathroom facilities.

How did the idea come about?

Access to safe bathrooms while out in public is a problem that many of our community face continuously. The project came about simply because we noticed that there is no easy way of identifying whether a public place has appropriate bathrooms for everyone. As a group we wanted to be able to get a coffee/work/eat/hang out and know that using the bathroom would be possible. We thought a really easy way of addressing this would be to offer public venues a sticker to place in their front window that shows patrons there are toilets available for everyone.

What do you most hope to achieve with this project?

We want to alleviate some of the pain and hassle when it comes to accessing bathrooms in public. We want venues with existing gender-neutral bathrooms to publically show they are inclusive and committed to bathroom access for all. For those without gender-neutral toilet options, we hope to have conversations about why this is so important, and discuss how change can be implemented easily.  

What are you passionate about?

Fighting oppression and building strong communities

What’s your background?

We have academic and professional backgrounds in the fields of gender studies and feminist practice. With a diverse skill set, we are united by an appreciation of grass roots action. We are experienced, dynamic workshop facilitators and have developed a host of projects in other roles including queer youth groups, mental health promotion, and youth leadership development

What does winning Awesome mean to you?

It means we can put our plan into action! We had our project ready to go, and just needed some funds to be able to do it. Since winning Awesome we have been able to order our supplies, and have a launch planned in November.  

Any tips for applying to Awesome?

The process was the most hassle-free we’ve ever experienced! Keep your goal simple and clear and your passion evident!

Anything else to add?

Thanks for your ongoing support and enthusiasm for our project! We REALLY appreciate it.