We give $1000 to Awesome ideas & projects in South Australia

Awesome Foundation Grants — a simple process, with zero strings attached.

We’re a group of people who really like awesome ideas, projects and initiatives that have the potential to make a difference.

We’re on a mission to open the door of opportunity to the awesome ideas and hidden gems of this city and state.  That’s right, Adelaide’s best side, its Awesome side. We’re here to reveal and develop it.

If you’re not familiar with the Awesome Foundation, we’ve undertaken the excellent task of ‘forwarding the interest of awesome in the universe $1000 at a time’. As with other chapters, the Adelaide chapter grant One Thousand Dollars every month to an applicant who has mustered the little bit of courage they need to put their super cool idea forward.

So are you ready to apply?

You can read about past awarded projects, or see what we won’t fund. If you have any questions before you apply, you can contact our Dean.

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